frequently asked questions

  • How do I order parts?

    The easiest way is to call our Toll-Free number 1-800-359-0628 (English) and speak with one of our product specialists. This allows us to ask any questions we need regarding the parts, shipping method, or form of payment. If you are a frequent customer who knows all of the information we require you can send your purchase order to us via fax 763-231-7385 or E-Mail We also accept orders by mail. Our address is PROS Parts, 1630 91st Ave NE, Suite 107, Blaine, MN 55449.

  • Where can I find part numbers?

    The part numbers used by the manufacturer of your machine can be found in the parts manual which came with your machine. Usually this information is very helpful to us in locating the PROS part number. If you don't have the manual you can call PROS and give the brand and model number of your machine to us and we will look it up in our library of manuals. It will also be helpful to our personnel if you have any identifying marks off of the part when you call as these are usually cross referenced to our part numbers as well.

  • Who should I call regarding a technical question I have?

    Most of the PROS personnel have a wide range of expertise regarding drycleaning parts. If you have a difficult question regarding a particular brand of machine we can direct you to our product specialist for that brand. If your question is of a more general nature regarding a problem you are having, we have several engineers on staff to help you in determining which parts you require.

  • What is the best way to ship my order?

    PROS can ship using a variety of methods at your request. We typically use UPS for both ground and air shipments. We can ship larger items by any truck line you specify or using one that PROS has contracted a favorable rate with. Regardless of the method of shipment you can rest assured that PROS' shipping department will package the parts with care in order to arrive free of any damage.

  • When is the new parts catalog coming out?

    PROS has historically produced a new catalog for introduction at each Clean Show. The last catalog we produced was the 2008 catalog and has been distributed since Clean '07.

  • Where can I find a Parts Manual for my machine?

    If you cannot find the parts manual that came with your machine usually located in a pocket on the belt guard or inside the control box, you have two options. Call the Equipment importer or manufacturer and ask them for one or use our download page to download a Portable Document Format (PDF) version to your computer for printout.

  • Do you carry parts for my brand of machine?

    PROS stocks a variety of generic and brand specific parts for drycleaning machines. Our stock is the largest in the country. We carry parts for dozens of drycleaning machine brands and sub-brands manufactured domestically in the U.S. as well as in Italy, Germany, Canada, Britain, and France. If we do not have the part in stock we can also contact the original equipment manufacturer or one of their importers in order to find the part for you.

  • Why shouldn't I just go back to the manufacturer?

    Many people will call the manufacturer or importer or even the local distributor of their machine in order to find parts when they are needed. This usually results in higher prices due to the string of markups that must be supported. The chain of supply for a typical drycleaning machine part starts with the manufacturer of the component, for example a pump made in Italy. The OEM purchases this pump for use in their machine or for resale as a spare part. An American importer will purchase the pump from the OEM and sell it to the local distributor who then sells it to the drycleaner. PROS bypasses most if not all of this markup chain by importing the components directly from the component manufacturers and reselling them directly to the drycleaner or serviceman. As you can see this eliminates several markups. In addition our personnel only support drycleaning machine replacement parts. Using our knowledge of drycleaning machine replacement parts we can correctly identify the part you require and have a 99.5% order accuracy record.

  • Do you manufacture any equipment?

    PROS manufactures a line of equipment designed to be used as retrofit to many existing plants. We offer refrigeration equipment for converting open system dry-cleaning machines to closed loop. We also offer a nitrogen generator system which can be used to safely convert a dry to dry Perc machine to any Class IIIA hydrocarbon based solvent. We offer Prosorba's to capture exhaust vapors from the drycleaning process in order to meet the new strict local regulations in places like New York and California. We also offer spin filter retrofit kits to convert perc machines with cartridge filters to the newer ecological powderless spin filter. Rounding out our product line is a series of Perc and Hydrocarbon stills that are supplied from the level of replacement still all the way up to fully functional, piped, aired and wired assemblies.

  • What if I receive the wrong part or a defective part?

    PROS warrants every part to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days. On rare occasion we will need to receive the part back for inspection before we can determine if the malfunction was caused by an original defect or misuse or improper installation. If the part we sent was incorrect due to our shipping error we will happily replace the part.

  • Do you have a minimum order?

    PROS has a policy which requires a minimum of $20 per order. If the order is called in our salesperson will ask you to increase the quantity or offer a suggestion of another common replacement item on your machine in order to increase the order above our minimum. If you decide not to order additional items we will charge $20 and add freight to this amount. If due to a lack of inventory, we need to backorder one item which is less than $20, no minimum will apply to the backordered item.

  • What payment options do I have?

    PROS accepts many types of payment. Many of our orders are shipped on a COD basis for customers who have not set up any credit with our company. If this is not acceptable, we can ship against Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. We also accept company or personal checks for invoice amounts less than $400. Invoices over $400 will require a credit card, cashiers check, or cash.

  • Do you have any local stocking distributors?

    PROS has a fully stocked warehouse and central office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have recently opened an office which will have limited inventory in Queens, New York. If you have an urgent need for a part we can ship it from either one of these warehouses via overnight delivery. If you are located near one of these offices you may visit them and have the parts you need the same day. In addition PROS has many customers who are distributors and service companies who may have the parts you require. If you are a dry-cleaner you will usually pay the same amount whether you buy directly from PROS or one of our stocking distributors. It always pays to check both.

  • Where can I get a price list?

    PROS has discontinued printing a price list. Our purchasing department is constantly finding new sources of supply and the exchange rate is fluctuating rapidly and so our price list was difficult to keep up to date. If you need pricing, our sales people are standing by to assist you.

  • How can I get a catalog sent to me?

    This website has an easy to use order form for you to fill out in order to receive your PROS catalog. If you prefer you can call 1-800-359-0628 (English), 1-866-960-1883 (Korean) and ask our salesperson to send you one.

  • What information do I need to order a part?

    PROS sales people are very skilled at determining what parts you require from a variety of methods. In some cases we will require a machine brand name, model number, and serial number. If your machine came with a parts manual, it can be helpful if you locate the part in the manual and give us either the unique part number or the page view number and the item number on the page. If your machine does not have a manual and you have a PROS catalog, you can locate a photo of a part that looks like the defective one you are trying to replace tell our salesperson the catalog year and page number. Other useful information is often found on the defective part itself in the form of a part number or spec number. In the absence of any of the above, we will require a very good description of the part (ie. shape, color, size, materials etc.).

  • What if I don't have a part number?

    As described above, if you don't have the original equipment manufacturers part number, the PROS number, or the component manufacturers part number, we will require a very good description of the part.